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NIC.LC Registrar Program

Become a Nic.LC Accredited Registrar

List of Nic.LC Accredited Registrars

Nic.LC is pleased to announce its Registrar Program, with the following rules and benefits to Registrars:

  1. Registrar discounts are substantial
  2. Registrars have the ability to sign up resellers and run their own affiliates program
  3. Registrars have the authority by Nic.LC to represent it to sign up other resellers
  4. All domains registered via registrar sponsored resellers and affiliates count towards future discounts
  5. A registrar may use either or both the EPP and the web based account management tool
  6. A registrar can have direct access to the domain database to make changes and maintain their customers' domains
  7. All current Nic.LC resellers will be given the opportunity to become registrars
  8. A registrar may also have its own agreement with each of its resellers, providing that Nic.LC's requirements for resellers are included and made clear or that the registrar becomes responsible to make sure that resellers comply
  9. Each registrar must sign the Nic.LC Registrar Agreement (RA)
  10. New registrars or registrars that have not yet registered 100 domains may be required to give a deposit of US $5,000 and to sign a Registrar Agreement
  11. ICANN Accredited Registrars are EXEMPT from the Registrar Deposit Requirement
  12. DENIC Accredited Registrars are EXEMPT from the Registrar Deposit Requiremen

For more information about becoming a Nic.LC Registrar, click here or email




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